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Sponsor a Player for the 2016 soccer game!

YAYA-Soccer_POS012016Sponsor a player for the Hit the Fields for Farm Worker Justice V fundraiser!

Step 1: Choose a player from the AMA team or the YAYA team who is in need of sponsorship. Each player needs a total of $175. You can make a donation for $25 or more.

Donations of $100 OR less will count towards the Fund 4 Democratic Communities (F4DC) matching grant this year, so we encourage larger donations (over $100) to be made in multiple transactions if at all possible. All donations are tax-dedcutible!


Step 2: 
Fill out this form and make sure to:

When you make a donation you will automatically become a part of the YAYA-NFWM Network and you will receive our action alerts and e-newsletters.

Thank you for your generosity!

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