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Immediate Job Opening (Full-Time)

Florida YAYA Organizer

(Orlando, Florida)

The National Farm Worker Ministry (NFWM) is a faith-based organization committed to justice for and empowerment of farm workers.  YAYA is NFWM’s youth and young adult network.

NFWM/YAYA educate, equip and mobilize member organizations, other faith communities, groups and individuals to support farm worker led efforts to improve their living and working conditions.

In the US, nearly 2 million farm workers work in our orchards and fields, plant nurseries, dairies and feedlots. Even though we depend on farm workers’ labor to eat, farm workers earn very low wages, suffer exposure to pesticides, and in extreme cases, are victims of modern day slavery. Isolated and excluded from some of the laws protecting other workers, farm workers rely on the solidarity of concerned consumers and allies to achieve a measure of justice in the fields.

You can help change the food industry so that farm workers are safe and can live with dignity. Join our team of dedicated organizers and supporters!


The chief responsibility of the Florida YAYA organizer is to educate, equip and mobilize youth and young adults in Florida regarding farm worker issues. To accomplish this, this person will:

Job Requirements:


Salary:  Based on experience.  Benefits included.


To Apply:

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