Hit the Fields for Farm Worker Justice II

On January 21st, 2012, the Alliance of Active Women (AMA), NFWM and YAYA will host Hit the Fields for Farm Worker Justice II: our  second fundraiser soccer game between farm worker supporters and members of the farm worker community of Seville (read a report from last year’s game).

Will you support our efforts to make this event a success? 

This fundraiser soccer game will support the work of AMA and NFWM/YAYA while strengthening the relationship between our communities.


AMA is an organization of farm worker women who are fighting to improve the safety, well being, and health of their community. They offer workshops, cultural programs, and provide assistance and referrals for low-income families in Volusia County.

NFWM/YAYA and AMA have been working together for three years to address the many issues that farm worker women face in Volusia County. On March of this year, we were able to secure funds to open an office for AMA in the city of Seville. After 6 years of using members’ homes, the office has provided a much needed space for meetings and events.

With the support of NFWM and YAYA, AMA members are also working on a program to educate women about the dangers of pesticides and how they affect their reproductive rights.

Our objective for this soccer event is to raise $3,000. These funds will not only help fund AMA’s current work, but will also support new initiatives in the Seville community. Future projects include AMA’s  Youth Group, Friday night movie screenings, and new classes for the youth and adults of the community in subjects such as English, computer literacy, and theater. NFWM/YAYA supporters will continue to be involved in  these and other efforts.

Please help us continue our work by sponsoring one of the thirty players that will be donating their time and talent by hitting the fields for justice!

We believe that if farm worker women learn the skills necessary for organizing, they will continue transforming their lives and their communities. This is the only solution to the problems they face in their daily lives.

Please sponsor a player for our fundraiser soccer game! We are counting on your generosity!

We need to fundraise $100 per player. You can make a donation starting at $25. Thank you for your generosity.

We need to fundraise $100 per player. You can make a donation starting at $25. Thank you for your generosity.

Your sponsorship is fundamental to our movement. Join us in this effort to bring allies and farm workers closer together while at the same time raising funds to sustain our work for justice. Our lives depend on farm workers and their labor. Show them your gratitude this holiday season!

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