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Hannaford Should Join Milk With Dignity This Holiday Season

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Tis the season to let Hannaford Supermarkets know we haven’t forgotten about them not joining Milk with Dignity! Please take a few minutes to send the CEO of Hannaford, Mike Vail, a holiday card asking them to do the right thing for dairy workers and join Milk with Dignity. Use the copy below or write your own message, just let us know when you’ve sent your card. 

Short Version: Happy Holidays! What would make this season even better is if Hannaford prioritized farm workers’ rights and joined Milk with Dignity. 

Long Version: Happy Holidays! As a supporter of the National Farm Worker Ministry, I stand in solidarity with Migrant Justice in their work to support dairy workers through the Milk with Dignity Program. I believe that, like everyone, farm workers deserve to live and work in safety and dignity with just compensation. By signing on to Milk with Dignity, Hannaford Supermarket can be a leader in taking responsibility for supporting the rights and well-being of workers in your supply chain. Make this a really happy holiday for farm workers and their families, join the Milk with Dignity Program today.

Cards can be mailed to: 

Mike Vail, Chief Executive Officer
Hannaford Supermarkets
145 Pleasant Hill Road
Scarborough, ME 04074


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