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Support Striking Baja California Workers!

A message from the United Farm Workers (UFW):

Baja California farm workers decry rampant violation of Mexican labor law in export ag sector. Take a stand in support of their demands for improved wages and conditions.

Courtesy of the UFW

For the past 6 days, farm workers in Baja Norte’s San Quintín Valley have been on strike denouncing abysmally low wages, 12-hour days with no overtime, obligatory 7-day work weeks, and maltreatment. Worker Ana López says, ‘It is time for us to stand up… There are people who think that because we come from pueblos, we are ignorant about our rights.’

The United Farm Workers of America is standing in solidarity with the workers from San Quintín and we ask that our supporters do the same. Ana works for Driscoll supplier Berrymex, whom workers claim that in addition to violating wage and hour laws, also fails to pay into workers’ social security (which is supposed to give workers access to healthcare and a pension), leaving them with nothing when they go to make a claim.

Demand that the grocery retail industry hold powerful agribusiness companies such as Driscoll accountable. Please sign this petition. We will be turning this in to top grocery retailers around the country, including Target, Walmart, Krogers, and Albertsons/Safeway.”

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