Farm Workers Left Out of COVID-19 Federal Aid

We are asking Congress to pass emergency legislation to give farm workers hazard bonuses.
The trillion-dollar COVID-19 stimulus funds will help many families, but leave many farm workers out. 9.5 billion dollars are headed for the agricultural sector but it’s unclear if any of those funds will support farm workers taking daily risks to put food on our tables. As at least 50% of farm workers are undocumented, they and their families are ineligible for these federal funds despite the fact that they also pay taxes and regardless of their childrens’ citizenship status and their classification as “essential workers.” One partial solution is to provide hazard pay for these essential workers.
We are calling on Congress to take care of the farm workers who are keeping u s fed. Tell Congress to provide hazard pay for these workers who are now working in a dangerous environment and dealing with huge additional expenses. 
A few of the particular challenges facing farm workers:
  • Practicing social distancing while commuting or in the fields
  • Additional transportation costs
  • Lack of masks
  • Additional childcare expenses due to school closures
  • Higher household expenses, including groceries and other household supplies.
Something has to be done. We depend on farm workers to keep our supermarket shelves and our cupboards full. Now, they need to be able to depend on YOU.
As Cesar Chavez said, “It’s ironic that those who till the soil, cultivate and harvest the fruits, vegetables, and other foods that fill your tables with abundance have nothing left for themselves.”  Essential workers deserve essential benefits.  Please take action today and sign this UFW petition. 
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