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Demand more protections for farm workers

cc_flower t shirtFarm workers are some of the hardest working people in our country.  They play a vital and indispensable role in our entire food system, and all of us depend upon their work to provide us with our food and nutrition.

Exposure to pesticides is one of the daily realities in the lives of the 2+ million farm workers that toil in our fields, orchards, forests and greenhouses in the U.S. today. If we eat the food that they harvest, we must ensure that they are protected against the short and long term impacts of pesticide exposure. It is not only workers who are put at risk when agricultural chemicals are used in the workplace, but their children and families are in danger, also, from take home exposures and from drift from application sites into homes and housing.

Raise Your Voice: Urge the EPA to enforce stronger regulations protecting farm workers from pesticides.

The EPA is considering enforcing stronger regulations to protect farm workers from pesticides and are receiving comments from the public until August 18th.

Send your comment now!

Copy the Farmworker Association of Florida’s (FWAF) sample comment (below). Click here and  paste it in the comment box. Follow the instructions to submit your comment. If you have any questions contact FWAF.

Thank you for taking action to ensure that the health and well being of farm worker communities are a priority in our agricultural system!

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Administrator Gina McCarthy
Environmental Protection Agency
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20460

Re: Agricultural Worker Protection Standard Revisions; Proposed Rule         Docket ID # EPA-HQ-OPP-2011-0184

Dear Administrator McCarthy,

Farmworkers are some of the hardest working people in our country. Exposure to pesticides is one of the daily realities in the lives of the 2+ million farmworkers that toil in our fields in the U.S. today.  I am glad that the EPA has moved forward in proposing stronger regulations to protect farmworkers, and I am glad for the opportunity to submit the following comments on these proposals.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to submit these comments on behalf of the men, women and children who plant, pick, cut, harvest and pack the food that we all eat every day.


Your name

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