Host a House Party for NFWM!


Did you eat today? Thank a farm worker!

Every time we eat, we’re connected with farm workers. You can help NFWM’s work in support of farm workers by hosting a house party! The key to a successful house party is to simply to share your enthusiasm for farm workers and the National Farm Worker Ministry with friends, family, neighbors and anyone else you’d like to invite.


House parties are a great way to:

1) Help spread the word about NFWM and how we support farm workers organizing for justice
2) Get new folks interested in becoming NFWM supporters
3) Help NFWM raise critically needed funds to continue this important work.


So, take part in a long-time tradition in the farm worker movement and start planning YOUR house party today! We’ve developed a HOUSE PARTY PLANNING KIT to help you with each step along the way. And remember, NFWM staff are here to help you, too!

House Party Planning Kit




Download the entire
House Party Planning Kit
or use any and all of the individual
parts of the kit you may find helpful below.




Welcome & thank you letter                     Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome & thank you letterWhat is NFWM (in about 2 minutes)

What is NFWM (in about 2 minutes)        Sample agenda

What is NFWM (in about 2 minutes)Sample Agenda


A sample “Ask”                                        Invitation information

Sample "Ask"Invitation Information


Downloadable fill-in invitation                Downloadable fill-in RSVP forms

Fill-in InvitationRSVP Cards


Reminder Call Scripts                          House Party Checklist

Sample Reminder Call ScriptsChecklist

Sign In Sheets                                        Farm worker facts placemat

Sign In Sheet

House Party Placemat


Welcome Sign                                         Contribution Cards

House Party Sign

Contribution Cards


House Party Icon

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