Information Sheets about Farm Workers






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Internal YAYA Chapter Resources

  • Reflection for Volunteers to be done before going to a farm worker community. NFWM-YAYA strives to find service/volunteer opportunities that involve the participation of both NFWM-YAYA members, supporters, and farm worker community members. Use this guide to start a conversation about the way in which your chapter works with farm workers (we strive to do it with a spirit of solidarity!).
  • YAYA's Guide to Doing Advocacy Work. At the request of farm workers, NFWM-YAYA members may contact their representatives in order to influence public policy affecting farm workers and their communities – this is what we call advocacy work. Use this guide to learn tools and skills that will improve your advocacy efforts.
  • YAYA's Guide to Recognizing Inclusive/Exclusive Dynamics. NFWM-YAYA strives to create an environment in which our members, supporters, and partners have both the feeling and reality of belonging and are thus able to work to their full potential. Use this guide to start a conversation about the inclusive/exclusive dynamics of your YAYA chapter.
  • Power and Privilege: Two Columns Exercise. Use this exercise to encourage others to think about their own power and privilege. The objective of this activity is to identify the elements that contribute to our identity that are not a matter of our own choosing. We are born into particular situations in diverse social circumstances.
  • YAYA of the Week Awards 1, 2, 3 and 4. Use these awards to recognize the hard work of your fellow YAYA members.


YAYA’s Ultimate Fundraising Guide

Fundraising is a crucial element in social justice work that not only helps sustain YAYA, but also builds power and grows the organization. Use this guide to learn the tools necessary to fundraise effectively with your YAYA chapter.