National Farm Worker Ministry joins Sister Tess in remembering Nan Freeman, first martyr of the Farm Worker Movement

Dear Friends,

Today, we remember Nan Freeman and her supreme sacrifice in solidarity with farmworkers, God’s little ones, pushed to the margins of our society.  47 years after her death on the picket line of striking sugar cane workers in Belle Glade, FL, may we continue to carry on her legacy.

Her young life was full of laughter, joy and compassion. Today her legacy is especially challenging in these hateful times of a federal shutdown, with many federal employees and their families at risk.  Today her legacy reminds us of our moral obligation to stand for justice and human dignity; and against a mediaeval  Wall”  to keep out brown children, families, yes and farmworkers– people fleeing violence, and/ or seeking a better lives for their families.

This Shabbat is also her Yahrzeit. May we remember and pray for her. May her memory be a blessing.

Shabbat Shalom.
Tess Browne, SCN

* Alum Wakefield High School, MA
* Winner State AFL-CIO essay on labor

** Nan Freeman 40th Anniversary (2012)

** How Cesar Chavez and UFW Martyrs impacted Social Justice

** Remembering Nan Freeman  :

** Dolores and Honoring our Martyrs 


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