Help Farm Workers: ACT NOW to Support Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration!


There are approximately one million farm workers in the US and their labor puts food on our tables each and every day. The majority of farm workers are undocumented, living in fear of deportation and isolated from the wider community.

Comprehensive immigration reform seems still out of reach in the current Congress. Thankfully, President Obama has stepped into the gap. On November 20, 2014, he moved to provide millions of undocumented immigrants Administrative Relief (AR) through Executive Action.

Estimates are that 1 in 6 beneficiaries of Administrative Relief will be a farm worker or immediate family member – that is over 700,000 individuals!

Through participating in the Si Se Puede® Network, NFWM is joining the effort to reach farm workers in rural communities across the country so they have a chance to gain deportation relief.

BUT FIRST we need YOU to act … there are challenges to Obama’s Executive Action in Congress and in the legal system. On February 16, a Texas judge issued an injunction temporarily blocking the implementation of administrative relief. It’s important to note that this order does not affect the existing DACA.

From a press release by the UFW Foundation, “…the United Farm Workers and UFW Foundation remain confident the President will prevail in the courts and [we] encourage hard working immigrants to remain optimist and continue preparing to be ready when administrative relief becomes available.”

In the meantime, let your voice be heard in support of this important opportunity to positively impact the lives of many farm workers.

CALL YOUR MEMBER OF CONGRESS TODAY and ask them to support actions taken by the Administration to grant temporary relief from deportation for millions of our immigrant brothers and sisters. Urge them to oppose any anti-immigrant bills that would undo Administrative action, that would militarize our borders, and that would decrease protections to vulnerable migrants in need of refuge.

Please call 1-866-940-2439 to get connected to your Member of Congress. If you’re not sure who is your representative, check here.

Here are some resources with talking points to help with your call:

Faith Talking Points on DHS Funding

Faith Immigration-Talking Points


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