“What did you eat for breakfast today? Do you know where your food came from?”

by Alexandria Jones, NFWM NC Staff

These questions set the stage for ERUUF’s religious education time for youth on June 6, 2010 led by staff and volunteers from the National Farm Worker Ministry. Young ERUFFians participated in two fun and informative hands-on activities to learn about the men, women and kids who’s hard work in the fields brings the fruits and vegetables to our tables each day.

In the heat of the mid-day sun, the kids participated in the “Sweet Potato Challenge” where they suited up in protective gear, dug for sweet potatoes, and raced back to their “family”. The family that was able to dig the most sweet potatoes in the shortest time was awarded the wages that farmworkers would have earned in the fields for the same work. Needless to say, the group was not impressed with their wages and most left the activity feeling decidedly better about their own allowance at home.

Then, the kids divided into “families” again and put together skits which displayed some of the joys and challenges farmworker families go through on a daily basis including waking up early to cook the day’s meals and coming home after a long day of work to wash pesticides from their clothing.

Overall, it was a great day with lots of learning and fun. Thanks ERUUF RE coordinators for inviting NFWM again this year!

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