Help Dairy Workers in the Northwest

Darigold is the largest dairy processor and cooperative in the Pacific Northwest. While their public image brags about family farms and local milk production, there is a dark underside to the business…. Just ask dairy workers.

Approximately 90% of the dairies in Washington State are members/suppliers of Darigold. Alarmingly, there has been a fatality on a dairy every year in Washington since 2015.

Washington State dairy workers suffer injuries requiring them to miss work or to go on disability an astounding 138% more than all Washington industries combined. And these are just the workers who are brave enough to report their claims and seek medical attention. We’ve heard too often about workers being threatened and intimidated into not filing claims. 

Now, with the retaliatory lawsuit against the UFW and the Darigold Dozen — the 12 workers we told you of in last week’s email who dared to speak up and were sued for this bravery — the fear will only increase. Margarito Martinez, one of the Darigold Dozen shares, “What the farm is doing to us, counter suing us – the Darigold Dozen and the union – is unjust. They’re retaliating against us as workers, it’s a message to us to remain silent. Their allegations have no basis or foundation. If they wanted to sue us for something, how come they did not do it before we exerted our rights? It is obvious that it is retaliation meant to scare us…We will continue fighting until the end. We cannot go back and continue being oppressed. Not Ruby Ridge, not Darigold, not any large market/retailer, consumer or justice system should allow this injustice against us and those of us who work in the fields.”

Darigold refuses to take any action to ensure that the dairy workers who supply them with milk aren’t subject to threats, intimidation or retaliatory lawsuits. Click to send your email to CEO Stan Ryan today.

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