National Farm Worker Ministry Sends Letter to Wendy’s

National Farm Worker Ministry has sent a letter to Wendy’s President and CEO Todd Penegor, asking him to meet with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and urging Wendy’s to sign on to Fair Food Program.

In the letter, NFWM Executive Director Julie Taylor tells Mr. Penegor,  “This past June, NFWM endorsed CIW’s boycott of Wendy’s. I am attaching a copy of that resolution.  Since then we have been encouraging our supporters to also boycott Wendy’s and to present store managers with letters bearing that message.  Later this week, we will join with supporters across the country in participating in the CIW’s Return to Human Rights Tour.” Ms. Taylor ends the letter with this call, “For the sake of improving the lives of farm workers in the US and providing true quality assurance to your customers, please sign the Fair Food Agreement today.”

NFWM is proud to stand alongside the farm workers of CIW and we will continue our support until Wendy’s does the right thing!

Click here to visit NFWM’s Wendy’s boycott page.

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