Welcome Rachel Sanchez, Duke Ministerial Intern

We at NFWM are very pleased to introduce Rachel Sanchez, our 2015-16 school year Duke Divinity School Ministerial Intern.  Rachel started with us in September and will be with NFWM until late April.  She’ll be working one full day a week in the Raleigh office and some hours from Durham, where she lives and goes to school. Rachel is interested in learning about the farm worker movement and what NFWM’s solidarity work looks like, as well as learning what skills are necessary for administration and organization in non-profit settings and in developing and exercising some of those skills. Rachel understands the value in and integrity of solidarity work and quick to roll up her sleeves – physical and mental – and get down to work. We are looking forward to our year with Rachel.
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Rachel Sanchez

“Hi friends! My name is Rachel Sanchez. I am 23 years old and happily married to my best friend, Joseph. I am in my second year of graduate studies at Duke Divinity School in Durham, NC. I hail from the city of San Antonio, in the Republic of Texas – the greatest city in the greatest country on earth. I’ve already accomplished a few things on my bucket list, such as being in a dunking booth, white water rafting on the Nile and seeing gorillas in their natural habitat. Yet to be accomplished is to get a miniature pig named Francis and to snuggle with baby pandas. 

I am excited to be here at NFWM! I know little about the farmworker movement, but I am always ready and willing to learn new things. I look forward to learning more about the way I can be of service to this community and the many things I’m sure they have to teach me.”

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