Session 2: Leadership Development



“This is why I decided not to stay quiet. I decided that we needed to send a message to the perpetrators; that when they tell farm worker women that they are alone, no one cares about them, that they are absolutely wrong.”

-Monica Ramirez, Founder & President, Justice for Migrant Women From NFWM’s video, Maricela’s Story: Standing with Farm Workers Against Gender Based Violence

“As long as we are eating, we are involved with the farm worker struggle.” 

– Sr. Tess Browne, SCN, Supporter, National Farm Worker Ministry


Farm worker women organizations across the country make leadership development a priority. Meeting together they share experiences and build an understanding of the power relationships that dominate their lives and contribute to their vulnerability. Isolation, limited English proficiency, lack of immigration status and poverty are all factors. They learn to break myths and taboos in order to take care of themselves, each other, and to strengthen their capacity to be agents of change. 

Solidarity Action 

Locate a farm worker organization near you to support. To aid your search, a Farm Worker Network Map can be found here. Accompany them in their efforts to change local practices. Also, urge domestic violence organizations in your area to include services for farm worker women. 


Confess the knowledge of the reality of unsafe workplaces and recommit to act as “harvest hands” to kick out the “evil spirits” – the systems, organizations and individuals responsible for harassment and abuse of farm worker women. Ask to be used in the process of healing the bruised and injured. 

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