Host a Solidarity Meal for Harvest of Justice

To plan your meal utilize the National Farm Worker Ministry’s kit for planning a house party.

Include a shopping guide to help identify: (1) locally available foods for your meal that have been certified by farm worker organizations as compliant with protection agreements; (2) corporations in the supply chain that participate or refuse to participate in the Fair Food Program and the Equitable Food Initiative. You might also want to include locally grown family farm and organically grown foods that represent other parts of the local food reality.

During the meal show a National Farm Worker Ministry video:

After the meal hold a short interactive discussion to help congregation members process their learning. Invite those present to take action in support of farm workers. Choose from among the solidarity actions provided in the weekly resources or one of the Take Action recommendations on the website.

At the end of the meal, consider including a collection for the National Farm Worker Ministry to support ongoing education and action with farm workers. The meal could close with prayers of thanksgiving for the work and the courage of farm workers. 

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