“Harvest” Letters and Signatures

Set up/host a table for a ‘Harvest’ of letters or signatures or calls to your Congressional representatives and corporate executives.

  • Have sample messages and general information available. For one or more weeks of Harvest of Justice set up a table during the congregational coffee hour or in the foyer of your church/meeting space where people are encouraged to:
    • write a letter
    • send an email
    • sign a petition
    • post a message on social media
    • contact their member(s) of Congress in support of farm worker priorities.

Postcards might also be addressed to farm worker organizations and the National Farm Worker Ministry expressing support for their efforts and letting them know that messages of support for the legislation were sent to members of Congress.

Letters and postcards could be signed and sent to support the Wendy’s boycott for The Coalition of Immokalee Workers. 

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