Rosie Shahar

Administrative Assistant

NFWM PicDespite being born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Rosie did not spend much time in the noisy, fast-paced city limits. Instead, as she was enthralled with animals and horseback riding, Rosie invested all of her free time into volunteering at a horse barn located outside of the city. During this time, she taught people of all ages how to ride horses, assisted in equine therapy, and helped kids learn the value of the great outdoors. 

Rosie’s experience at the horse barn and her employment experience in childcare inspired her to pursue a degree in Sustainable Development at Appalachian State in the hopes of protecting the environment for future generations. Her undergraduate experience revealed to her the interconnections between environmental and social issues, causing Rosie to become passionate about addressing issues of inequity and injustice in addition to environmental sustainability. 

In July, 2023, Rosie graduated from Appalachian State after finishing her education by attending a study abroad program that took place in Ghana. The program focused on the relationships between people and the environment, the politics of international development, and methods for pursuing environmental justice in the face of large-scale natural resource extraction.

Rosie moved to Raleigh after graduating from Appalachian State in August, 2023. During her free time, Rosie enjoys days in the great outdoors, testing her strength through weightlifting, and feasting on new books, movies, and TV shows.