Our Mission and Core Values


Our Mission

National Farm Worker Ministry (NFWM) is a faith-based organization committed to social, economic and racial justice for farm workers. NFWM educates, equips and mobilizes member organizations and other faith communities, groups and individuals to support farm worker led efforts to improve  their living and working conditions.  


Our Core Values

NFWM embodies our mission through our shared core values:


We recognize the inherent dignity of all persons and will treat others as they wish to be treated.  


We commit to work in solidarity with partners to end exploitative social and economic systems that  target farm workers and communities of color.  

Racial Justice* 

We commit to intentional, antiracist work to dismantle white privilege and white supremacy, opening ourselves to personal and organizational transformation as we resist all unjust relationships  and systems of oppression.  


We are encouraged by faith and conscience to continue our work of solidarity with farm workers. ¡Hasta la victoria!  


We are careful and creative with the Ministry’s time, talents and treasure.  

¡Sí Se Puede! (Yes, We Can!) 

We embody a personal and organizational spirit that promotes confidence, courage, risk-taking, and  positivity.

Adopted by NFWM Board July 26, 2022

*Core Value Definitions


A Statement in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter