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New Educational Resources Available!

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NFWM’s annual Harvest of Justice resources are now available for you to use and share with your communities. The 2024 theme is “Farm Workers & Immigration.”

Immigration is a complex issue that can impact almost every facet of an immigrant’s life. For farm worker communities, immigration status varies greatly, but many in the community are undocumented. Being undocumented or having family members who are undocumented brings a plethora of problems, including being more vulnerable to exploitation. Additionally, there is currently no reasonable path to citizenship for undocumented farm workers. 

What is the process of entry for immigrants? Does immigration hurt the US economy? What do most faith traditions say about welcoming immigrants? These are just a few of the questions you will be able to answer through this year’s Harvest of Justice (HOJ) program.  This year’s HOJ educational materials were created through collaboration with our farm worker partners Migrant Justice and LUPE. 

Utilize our HOJ resources with your faith community, or on your own, to learn how people of faith and conscience can stand in solidarity with farm worker communities as they demand comprehensive immigration reform.

Harvest of Justice is an annual educational program that provides resources including information sheets, videos, and social media content so that you can help your faith community learn about issues affecting farm workers. Harvest of Justice is an opportunity to raise consciousness, commitment, and contributions.

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