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FWAF General Assembly

assembly_fellsmere7Sunday, March 17, 2013 was the 30 Year Anniversary Celebration and General Assembly of the Farmworker Association of Florida. There were several hundred in attendance including: Arturo Rodriguez, Executive Director for the United Farm Workers, Maria Rodriguez, Executive Director of the Florida Immigrant Coalition, Karen Woodall, Executive Director of Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy, Susan Alan Associate Director of the National Farm Worker Ministry and YAYAs Nicole Godreau and Melissa McGuire-Maniau, just to name a few.

The occasion was an all day event consisting of cultural programs, workshops, installation of the Board of Directors, awards and recognitions. The event was also an opportunity to identify and prioritize issues impacting farm worker communities presented by the delegations from each of the Farmworker Association’s five regional areas. This process establishes the organization’s priorities for the next five years.

Attendees also broke out into groups for workshops ranging from leadership development to organizing on immigration reform.

The event ended on a celebratory note with a hot meal, cake and live entertainment to commemorate the Farmworker Association of Florida’s 30 year anniversary.

Melissa Maniau
Orlando YAYA

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