Farm Worker Partners

Following their lead

“[The National] Farm Worker Ministry’s job is to make sure that farm workers are not ignored in communities of faith. We work to break down the barrier of complacency and indifference that hides farm workers. That means accompaniment, advocacy, support. Our role is thoughtful, prayerful servanthood. We do not tell farm worker organizations what to do. We listen, ask questions, and unless we have serious reservations about whatever is proposed, we equip and animate faith communities to make the causes, objectives, and needs of farm workers visible and persuasive in cities, towns, and suburbs.” -Sam Trickey, NFWM Board member. 

NFWM supports workers’ needs, ideas, and initiatives, partnering with eight organizations across the country that are organized and led by farm workers or those farm worker elect. 

Farm Worker Partners (as published in 2021):

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