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75, 60, 50?

In 1995, we celebrated 75 years. In 1980, we celebrated 60 years. Now, we are celebrating 50 years.

No, we aren’t bad at math. The National Farm Worker Ministry is the culmination of a movement, begun long before our Articles of Incorporation were signed and long before an executive director was appointed. We are the product of people of faith recognizing an injustice and acting as their faith prescribes to create a more just world. 

The National Farm Worker Ministry began the day people of faith extended hospitality to migrant workers in their communities.

It began when a person of faith provided child care for the children of farm workers who had to be in the fields. 

It began when people of faith noticed farm workers in need of clothing to protect them from the sun and the plants they harvested.

It began when people of faith provided transportation for farm workers in need of health services. 

It began when people of faith provided blankets when the weather was cold.

It began when people of faith witnessed the poverty and inequality of farm workers and said ‘no more.’ 

Those people of faith began walking the halls of Congress to demand equitable laws and fair wages for workers.  They began marching alongside farm workers standing up for their human dignity and joining with them on the picket lines.  And they came together to formalize their commitment as people of faith who witnessed injustice and were compelled to stand in solidarity with farm workers.

Our first formal board meeting to incorporate under our new, unified name might have been in 1971, but we are a movement and a movement does not begin on a single day.

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