What we Fight for

Farm workers work hard and make vital contributions to the communities where they live and work. They deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. We envision a society where farm work is a respected, desirable job with good working conditions and the same labor protections provided to other types of employment in the U.S. Farm workers deserve to work in a safe and healthy environment, where pesticides are used sparingly and responsibly (or not at all). Additionally, farm workers deserve fair wages and access to a political system that includes them in the decisions that affect their lives.

Young people have the power to share their compassion, energy, and common struggles to amplify the impact of farm workers who are organizing. We are always working to create a solidarity movement that reflects the world we wish to see. This means examining power structures within our movement spaces to ensure that farm workers are leading decisions that affect their lives, and that we are uplifting the leadership of members of our group who are marginalized within the systems of racism, capitalism, sexism, and other oppressions. It also means that we build community and resilience through art, community gardening, shared food and culture, and healing spaces, in addition to our work to change policy and farm labor practices.