The term “agroecology” was coined in the 1930’s by a Russian agronomist who classified this practice of applying ecological tenets into agricultural production. YAYA understands agroecology within a sociopolitical context, being defined as: “the application of ecological concepts and principles to the design and management of sustainable agroecosystems.”

Current ecological practices on and off farm land are not sustainable for the planet; research points to dire consequences if these conditions do not change. Understanding this, YAYA works to promote more community-centered and community-led approaches to agriculture. One example is thinking past the seemingly year-round wide berth of produce in grocery stores that are often picked and produced by—and profited upon due to the surplus labor of—farmworkers. Instead we could choose to cultivate produce that is seasonal and climate specific to our area, while also staying true to the cultural heritage that has been simultaneously erased by and profited upon by the west.

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