Weekly Harvest of Justice Bulletins: Learn, Reflect, Act!

The National Farm Worker Ministry’s Harvest of Justice 2019 brings awareness to gender based violence farm worker women experience everyday. A disturbing 80% of farm worker women surveyed in the California Central Valley in 2010 reported that they had experienced sexual harassment at work. Sexual harassment and violence are experienced by both men and women in the fields, but women face this in disproportionately higher numbers. Because of this, our Harvest of Justice 2019 will address women primarily. We want to celebrate farm worker women and women’s organizations that are fighting back. Women are affirming their rights, speaking out, working with allies to change laws, and using consumer actions to address corporate power that acts as a silent sanction to harassment. 

“We are outraged by the abuse, assault, intimidation, harassment, and rape experienced by farm worker women.” 

– Statement by National Farm Worker Ministry, Jan. 2018

Scripture Theme

“Jesus sent them into the ripe fields. He gave them the power to kick out evil spirits and to tenderly care for the bruised and hurt lives.” -Matthew 10: 2-3, The Message

We urge people of faith to hear the call and stand with farm workers to challenge oppressive systems in order to bring individuals and communities healing.

Stand with Farm Workers Against Gender Based Violence

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Watch Maricela’s Story: Standing with Farm Workers Against Gender Based Violence

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