Harvest of Justice Season

National Farm Worker Ministry encourages our supporters to participate in a tradition of the farm worker movement — hosting a sacrificial meal honoring the hands that harvest our food.

The basic idea is simple:

  • gather friends, family and faith communities
  • pray and reflect on farm workers’ lives, giving thanks for their labor and seeking justice with them
  • eat a humble meal together, usually soup and bread.
  • Offer the money that you might have spent on a dinner out to support the farm worker struggle. In this case, we hope that your collection will be donated to NFWM to support our ongoing work.
  • Consider also¬†including an educational component during the meal time.¬† You might show the NFWM Presentation ; or a video about farm workers.

If scheduling a meal is not feasible this year, you can honor farm workers by using prayers from our Harvest of Justice prayer pamphlet, or from our worship resource section on this website, and incorporate a prayer about farm workers into your church bulletin, worship service or event.

We think you’ll be glad you’ve taken the opportunity to unite your lives with the lives of the men, women and children whose labor feeds us every day.

Planning a Feast for Justice

Harvest of Justice Prayer Pamphlet “The Journey to Justice”

NFWM Presentation 2012

Harvest of Justice Logo

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