Harvest of Justice Season

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         Gather.                       Educate.                          Pray.


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What the Program Is:

The Harvest of Justice program is a way to educate your faith community, family, and peers about farm worker issues. Should you and your community like to organize a gathering, read up on our Planning a Feast for Justice Sheet and check out the resources by clicking on any three guiding terms or photos above (“Gather.”, “Educate.”, and “Pray.”). Each term captures the focus of the program: to integrate farm workers, religious communities, and education.

We think you’ll be glad you’ve taken the opportunity to unite your lives with the lives of the men, women and children whose labor feeds us every day.


Words from a Participant:

Since the very first ‘Harvest of Justice’ soup and education program several years ago, the people of St. Pius V Catholic Church learned that calling for justice for farm workers is not a one time event. Understanding and responding to the need for safe working conditions and just wages for the men, women, and even children who labor in the fields has become an integral and ongoing feature of our community’s life of faith that does justice. There are many immigrants and refugees in our parish community, and it is always inspiring to see their generous and caring responses to promote justice for farmworkers as they themselves have known difficulties of a similar nature.  At the end of each ‘Harvest Of Justice’ event, I am aware that Life has a way of criss-crossing the ties that bind us together and helps us understand that in our perceived separateness, we are truly ONE.”                                        -Sister Gen Cassani, SSND