Intern Blog: Farm Workers and Small Farmers

Ryan Nilsen, NFWM intern through Duke Divinity School In our evening outreach to farm workers over the past few weeks, Octavio and I have ended up being able to have quite a few conversations with farm owners as well as farm workers. We don’t really seek them out (as most of them already speak English […]

NFWM Intern Video Interview on Child Farmworkers

NFWM Student Action with Farmworkers intern Octavio Garcia-Ruiz on having grown up as a child farm worker. To see videos of other Student Action with Farmworkers interns discussing their experiences as child farm workers, click the links below: Leticia interview Victor interview

Is this really a love-song? About farm workers?

Ryan Nilsen, NFWM Intern Note: This sermon references Isaiah 5:1-7 and John 15:1-8. “Let me sing for my Beloved my love-song concerning his vineyard.” Now, I’m not a very good singer, and I am not going to call myself an expert on love-songs, but did you all just hear what the prophet Isaiah is calling […]

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Intern Blog: First Visit to Camps

Written by Octavio Garcia-Ruiz, NFWM intern through Student Action with Farmworkers. Sunday June 19th was the first day that we did outreach.  Driving out on the country roads felt good, like I was back home.  The camps that we went to were not too difficult to find.  The reason why were out there is not […]

Intern Blog: First Full Week of NFWM Work

Written by Octavio Garcia-Ruiz, NFWM intern through Student Action with Farmworkers. Starting the first full week of work felt real good, I was excited.  I finally started what I came here to do.  There many new things that were learned, some good, most bad because of of what they were.  They were about how farmworkers […]

NFWM-North Carolina Welcomes 2 New Interns!

NC National Farmworkers Ministry 2010 internsWe’re delighted to have two full time interns this summer at NFWM NC.

Blake Daniel is a student at Duke Divinity School, where he is pursuing a Master of Divinity degree focusing on pastoral care. Blake studied English and Spanish at the University of Georgia and, prior to coming to Duke, taught middle school for a year in San Jose, Costa Rica. He is married to Erin and has a Labrador puppy named Penny.

Lauren Kenyon is a senior at NC State University, graduating in December with a BS in applied sociology and minors in Spanish and biology. Two semesters ago, during an international development class, Lauren learned about the struggles of farmworkers. She became hooked on learning more which led her to NFWM through partner organization Student Action with Farmworkers’ “Into the Fields” Internship. “Being a part of NFWM has inspired me to stay connected with the farmworker movement on terms longer than just this summer.”

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