Member Organizations



National Farm Worker Ministry (NFWM) organizes, enables, and advances faith-community support of economic justice and social progress in partnership with farm worker organizations. To do so, it has proven helpful to define two kinds of organizational participation in NFWM, member organizations and supporting organizations. This document defines the role of member organizations in terms of a covenant between each one and NFWM.



NFWM will provide its members the opportunity to participate in justice ministry with and among farm

workers who are struggling for justice, empowerment and self-determination.


1.   The NFWM Board will have two regular meetings a year which will generally include an opportunity to interact
with farm workers. Staff will give 21 days advance notice for meetings & 10 days for specially called meetings.

2. Minutes of each meeting will be distributed to all members, along with reminders of any assignments.

3. Members will receive newsletters, email news and alerts, other mailings and phone calls informing them of
developments in NFWM and in farm worker organizations related to it.                       .

4. NFWM will communicate with each member (individual and organizational) about the financial needs

of the organization and about pledges and funds received.

5. NFWM will send an orientation packet to new members, minimally including a copy of the brochure, bylaws,

and Articles of Incorporation. The staff and executive committee will plan and conduct an orientation session or

provide a mentor for new members at their first meeting.



Memberships in NFWM are primarily organizational with an additional 1-5 at-large individual member slots on the Board. All members are expected to assume certain responsibilities as outlined below.




  1. Provide financial support to NFWM by pledging annually and doing all possible to fulfill their pledges;
  2. Hold their delegated representatives accountable for attendance at meetings of the Board and for

reporting information and action requests to the member organization; and

  1. Work with their representatives in disseminating information about NFWM and in promoting participation of their constituencies in farm worker support work.




1. Attend regular meetings of the Board at least once each year, all meetings if possible (when unable to attend a

meeting members will try to secure a proxy);

2.   Vote on matters or business that comes before the Board;

3.   Report regularly to their organization’s leadership and constituency about developments in NFWM and its work;

  1. Recommend, secure and report financial pledges from the groups they represent and do all possible to see that the pledge is met; notify the NFWM executive director as soon as possible of any inability to fulfill a pledge; and
  2. Apprise NFWM of special events and opportunities for making the work of the Ministry visible among their constituency.




1. Attend meetings of the Board at least once each year;

2. Accept and discharge committee responsibilities on standing committees and special committees as needed;

3. Be advocates for farm workers and for NFWM, its work and its budget; and

4. Notify the NFWM executive director if unable to carry out these responsibilities.