Gathering. – Harvest of Justice Season Resource

The National Farm Worker Ministry encourages our supporters to participate in a tradition of the farm worker movement: hosting a sacrificial meal and fundraiser honoring those who harvest our food. The event involves the following actions, starting with the gathering of a faith community:

  • Gathering friends, family and faith communities.
  • Praying and reflecting on farm workers’ lives, giving thanks for their labor, and seeking solidarity with them.
  • Eat a humble meal together, usually soup and bread.
  • Offer the money that you might have spent on a dinner out to support the farm worker struggle. In this case, we hope that your collection will be donated to NFWM to support our ongoing work.
  • Consider also including an educational component during the meal time. You might show the NFWM Presentation, part of the recent Cesar Chavez movie, or a video about farm workers.

Here are more ideas for planning your event. Also, NFWM’s house party kit has editable documents to use in your community and a guide for event planning.