Learn more about Farm Workers in the U.S.

Thank you so much for choosing to educate yourself and others on the lives and work of farm workers across this country. The Resource Center offers a variety of resources for individuals or groups to educate themselves and their communities about the struggles farm workers are waging across the United States for basic justice and human rights.


Learning Library

Here is where you will find downloadable fact sheets, articles, and reports that cover the full range of issues facing our farm worker brothers and sisters. Print them out for use in your community, or for your own education.

Farm Worker Issues

This section provides a basic overview of the working and living conditions farm workers face across the United States on a daily basis. It includes information and links about issues such as farm workers & immigration, labor laws, health & safety, and more.

Faith-Based Resources

Visit our Faith-Based Resources page for materials designed for a variety of faith traditions. You’ll find games, liturgies, guided readings, and other fun, interactive, and illuminating materials. Most are freely available by download.

Immigration Reform

Farm workers are the key to the U.S. food system, and although our population relies on their labor to put food on the table, these workers lack basic rights, face exploitation and live in fear of reporting abuses.  Learn more about immigration reform and how it will impact farm workers.

Farm Worker Organizations

From strawberry pickers in California to mushroom workers in Florida, from cucumber pickers in North Carolina to tomato harvesters in the Midwest, farm workers across the country are organizing to win union representation and to improve their living and working conditions.