Faith-Based Educational Resources

The following resources are for both personal reflection and teaching peers, congregants, youth, etc. about farm worker issues. They can be used with the Harvest of Justice program or separately in your ministry context. PDFs are available below for you to use, copy, and share.

NFWM's Lucy Boutte leads prayer reflection in front of the Gov. Jerry Brown's door calling for his signature on the Fair Treatment for Farm Workers Act, SB104.

Advent Liturgy – An order of worship which has a sermon, prayers, and other practices, that is usable for the first week in Advent or the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

Blessing The Hands Leader’s Guide – An educational program meant to teach people about the intersection of farm workers’ issues over ten one-hour sessions.

Catholic Social Teachings Devotional – A week-long personal, devotional study of Catholic Social Principles and farm worker issues.

Day of the Dead and Eucharist Reflection – A theological reflection from former Duke Divinity School Ministerial Resident (Taylor Dellastatious Pfaff) about his Day of The Dead experience, including thoughts on the practice of the Eucharist.

Easter Reflection on R.J.R. Tobacco and Pontius Pilate – A theological reflection on the tobacco industry’s role as a modern-day Pontius Pilate; it may be a good starting point for sermons, discussions, and/or other church programs.

Youth Ministry Exodus Lesson – A program with directions and biblical lesson for sharing the Exodus narrative and farm worker issues to student ministry groups.

The NFWM also has prayers, devotionals, and other resources under our Faith-Based Worship Resources page.