Giumarra Workers’ Stories

Workers in Giumarra’s fields face harsh working conditions. The following stories describe what it’s like to work for Giumarra. The company market’s its produce under the name “Nature’s Partner”, but it is no partner to the working men and women who labor in it’s fields.

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Julio Hernandez
Having spent most of his working life, 25 years, at Giumarra, Don Julio has witnessed over the years the way Giumarra treats its workers and the injustices they face on a daily basis. Watch a video interview with Don Julio.

Mauricia Cabrillo
Mauricia Cabrillo has worked at Giumarra for 14 years. She tells us, “I am fighting for a union because I want to see better treatment of workers at Giumarra.” She is tired of being humiliated–of the timeouts she and other workers are forced to endure. She knows having a union will make a difference. “For my first 11 years at Giumarra the company did not provide tables for us to pack on so we had to pack on our knees for 10-12 hours a day. When we began to organize in 2005, we finally got tables. To this day my knees continue to ache, swell, pop and crack on account of spending so much time on my knees.”

Flavian Duque
Flavian Duque has worked at Giumarra for almost 21 years. For the majority of these years he has only earned minimum wage. “I want to have the United Farm Workers represent us because of the intense pressure that is placed on us…If we had union representation they would not be able to suspend us without cause.”

Angelina Jimenez
Angelina Jimenez has been working at Giumarra for 15 years. She wants respect. She tells us how “often times the forelady tells us that we are stopped for 1-3 hours as a form of punishment.” She says how these timeouts “are a way of pressuring us to work very quickly in extremely hot weather.” Angelina says, “I’m also organizing for a better health insurance plan. The current medical plan is worthless and barely covers Tylenol.”