Farmworker Awareness Week 2011 – Ideas for Action

Farmworker Awareness Week 2011
Ideas for Action

• Preach a sermon that includes farmworkers.
• Include farmworkers in pastoral prayers.
• Teach a Sunday-school class or small group on farmworkers, including their living and working conditions.
• Offer a resource table at your congregation on farmworker issues (include pamphlets, current campaigns, etc.)
• Host a screening of a DVD about farmworkers.
• Host a meal and describe the contributions of farmworkers to the food.
• Have a food, clothing and or medical kit drive at your congregation to benefit local farmworkers.
• Visit a migrant farmworker camp in your county with members of your congregation.
• Form a congregational partnership with a local organization that works with farmworkers (such as a health clinic, etc.).
• Attend worship at a congregation with farmworkers in your community.

Political/Public Action
• Write a letter to the editor supporting farmworkers.
• Host an event where everyone writes an individualized letter to the editor supporting farmworkers.
• Host a postcard or call-in event to support ongoing farmworker campaigns.
• Host a letter-writing or postcard campaign to contact state/national political leaders about legislation that affect farmworkers.
• Take members of your congregation to meet with members of state and local governments to express support for measures that improve the living and working conditions of farmworkers.
• Organize or attend a march with farmworkers.

Look for more ideas under Resources.

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